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Warframe Ability Mapping And Akimbo Weapons Idea! (For Pc, Ps4 And Xbox One)


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Hi Warframe community!


I have recently came up with two ideas that may benefit in-game gameplay experience a little...


IDEA 1: Warframe Ability mapping


I feel as though there isn't enough customisation in this area, abilities are assigned A, B, C and D and you have to stick with it. Why not make it from the Warframe Loadouts have an option assigned to L3 (whatever L3's equivalent is on PC and Xbox One) where you can map the abilities to "Power A, Power B, Power C or Power D" separately.


example of this - Frost Prime's Abilities Power A = Freeze, Power B = Ice Wave, Power C = Snow Globe and Power D = Avalanche... what if you could basically customise it and every other Warframe Ability to suit the way you play?


IDEA 2: Akimbo Weapons (dual melee not included)


The Akimbo weapons in Warframe are very good but I feel as though they are missing something... shooting with 1 button (R2 in PS4's case) doesn't seem right. Why not give both L2 and R2 to Akimbo weapons so that both weapons can be fired at the same time.


Thanks for taking the time to read this, all feedback is welcome.

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