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This New Event Should Drive The Point Home


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Apart from us Tenno, and possibly the Grineer (depending on how many Napalm, Scorch, and Bombard they are able to commit) WHO in the system is going to be able to stand against the Infestation?


I feel sorry for anyone who isnt encased in a Warframe actually... while this is a GREAT event... immersion wise, there is no one who can stand up against this. If you cannot see it by now...

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you didnt see it ingame? on the wiki? on this site?


> Site redirects to bug fixes.

> Haven't opened the game

> Didn't open the wiki??? (Is it normal too?)


Anyway, I read about it, and good point but you're kind of underestimating the Grinner Empire. They're clones, pretty sure they can commit thousands! 

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