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Should Mutalist Ospreys Be Bigger?


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Is it me, or does it seem strange to anyone else that the new Mutalist Ospreys are based on the smaller Ospreys and not the bigger ones? After all:


-They charge like Oxium Ospreys,

-They have the lifting power to lug an entire mutated human torso around

-Their size feels misleading for the amount of damage they're capable of doing

-Almost everyone finds them to be a pain to shoot

-Have you tried scanning one of the little buggers?


I feel like they shoot be the same size as Oxium/Fusion Ospreys, as it would seem more aesthetically sensible, and it would make them easier to notice, shoot, and scan. What do you think?

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Any luck getting scans yet? I swear these things are camera shy (I had one standing perfectly still only to jut away at the last millisecond). Though on the bright side I'm getting so many Electric and Lobber crawler scans.

I think I've gotten 3 scans, out of the 21765 total attempts before I ended up pressing 4 anyway.

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My Hellios got all the scans. Their hitboxes seem off. They are also faster AND tankier than other common infested units like chargers and leapers

(compare this to Charger's 80 base hp)




I should really build Helios, but it would be nice if it was remotely possible to scan them manually without having to wait for them to get stuck on something. And they did seem a bit more durable than the other Infested, which again feels very unusual given they're so small.

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