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Best Melee For Loki?



Going for a full invis build thinking of a great melee weapon 

dual ichors? orthos prime? now that galatine is out of the way i really have no idea

And channel or normal damage :o

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Bear in mind that because you're invisible a lot of the time things will be moving away from you so go for something with a big reach like an orthos or a whip


Personally I love my glaive prime because the stance mod for it has crazy moves in its combo that gives it some insane reach

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I still love dual zorens -crit, no charge(stamina on kill)

I assume orthos prime, or dakra prime with charge would do nice.

Nami skyla has a pretty insane slide damage as well. So if you want to just slide everywhere, thheres that.

Pretty much any weapon you want, is viable.

Dragon nikana






Id even use the hate for the lulz.

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Loki's a bit squishy for pure melee mode, but he's definitely one of the best (if not the best) frames at seamlessly utilizing both melee and guns in gameplay. Go for something that has good quick melee strikes; stances are your second priority.

Dakra Prime is definitely one of the better melee weapons out there for Loki, along with the Dragkana and the Bo Prime (or Amphis, for mobility and a jump attack that doesn't force finishers). Surprisingly, Orthos Prime is also a great choice for quick melee, since you're free to sprint at full speed as you swing it around. The jump attack on that thing is also terrible to behold, and among the best of all melee weapons in the game.

Dakra's Quick Melee animations swing downwards, so they're able to hit enemies slightly above and below you-- perfect for things like Crawlers and low-flying Ospreys. Polearms have even better reach, and their Quick Melee can swat most ospreys right out of the air with ease.

Pick a melee weapon whose quick attacks won't slow you down. I strongly advise against the Ichors (Berserker coptering build aside), since their quick strikes will render you near immobile and you'll be one-shotting basically everything regardless of what you pick anyways.

As for stances, go for something that has mobility and wide ranges capable of clearing crowds (since the weakest of attacks will still be one-shotting most enemies, so single-target-focused stances will offer next to no advantage). I'd avoid immobile stances like Crimson Dervish, since they have very little offensive and defensive potential compared to mobile stances (Iron Phoenix, Clashing Forest) on Loki.

Personally, I've found that Clashing Forest suits all of my needs. Fast, mobile, and utterly destroys crowds of the strongest enemies.

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