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Quick Feedback On The Event


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The mission itself

Very nice. The random airless tiles are somewhat annoying, but the mission offers plenty of challenge, especially with the challenge constantly mounting as you destroy the hives. The tumors themselves are a bit of a pain to find, though. Maybe you should make them a little easier to find? Maybe change around the context a little so we can get missions like this for the Corpus, Grineer and Corrupted?


The scoring system

Really odd. It's not quite clear how you score points and how they scale. If someone cleared up how it worked a bit better, I could probably give better feedback. I preferred Specters of Liberty's scoring system, as scoring extra points required you to overcome certain challenges.

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Per-mission score is based on difficulty. Difficulty is increased based on the aggregate value of the team's total score.


Doing many subsequent runs can result in very little progress made without staying with the same team consistently. When I first started and guys were coming and leaving or going for snack breaks and our total scores became mis-matched, we'd go from getting 21 this time to 13 the next and it was very confusing. Once we had the three of us going together consistently, it steadily went up and up. We got the Prova at 50/563.


The system was explained in full in the mission brief, actually, just not in blatant terms. The main thing going unexplained is that you either need to solo it or only play with people with similar total scores.

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