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Where I Can Get The Arcane Swindle Helmet?



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I have the blueprint for the swindle loki helmet but I need a swindle arcane helmet, I buy it or you can get by drop???


Arcane helmets are no longer available from alerts or from the market for either PC or PS4, to get them now you will need to trade for that helm with someone who has it. And non arcane helms cannot be converted into arcane helms.

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Just an FYI, arcane helmets add stat boosts to the frames when equipped. Non-arcane helmets are purely cosmetic. Once an arcane helmet is used to build a non-arcane helmet, it can't be reverted back to the arcane state.

Look up the stats of the arcane helmets before crafting and see if it benefits your build. You might regret it later on.

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