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Mutalist Osprey


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He gets stuck a lot in both in Breeding Grounds and Defence missions.


Also he is Immune to both Bastille and Vortex.


Did two defense alerts today and had the Mutalist Osprey flew around inside a Bastille Field and sprayed his toxic cloud. Then in the Lotus Gift alert I had one fly out of the centre of a Vortex to ram me.


There also seems to be a Delay between killing the last enemy and getting "Wave Cleared" message or "Mission Ended"

I have had this delay a few times and it varies between 3-5 secs and up to 30 seconds.

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I've experienced several missions where 1 Mutalist Osprey has wandered off the map on an adventure of his own, only to doom everyone to get yet another failed mission / quit mission number under their permanent record.



Phobos Tileset

Orokin Derelict Tileset



Corpus Tileset

Grineer Tileset


They still get stuck in doorway frames, the hot fix didn't really fix that much. It also seems to be where they go off map is via the door frames.


I am not certain, but I think it's when they do their little flight charge. I've seen one or two vanish through walls after doing that.

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