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Have Elemental Resistance Mods Add Elemental Damage As Well


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So, we have four elemental damage resistance mods that cover the base elements, but they're limited in their usefulness due to how specific they are.


Why don't we have them add their respective elemental damage to warframe abilities on top of the damage resistance, so warframes can have modded elemental damage just like weapons?


For example, an Ember with Insulation (Ice) equipped will do Blast damage instead of Fire, an Excalibur with Flame Repellent will do Fire + Slash damage instead of just Slash for slash dash, and so on.


This could help players who want more of a casting/offensive frame, but are limited in what enemy types their frame's element is effective against.




Alternatively, just add elemental damage mods for warframes, and have them drop from the new infested or something.

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