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Updated Failed,some Content Couldnt Download From Servers


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My Warframe launcher has failed (Suprise,Suprise) it`ll update for a good 5 Minutes then about  54.23 MB it`ll

skip to a random number then Updated Failed,Couldnt download from servers I`v tried everything from Flipping the bird to my PC to Changing DSN settings (Somewhat Irrelevant past this point) I`v devoted alota time and money into this game I mean I`v got Excalibur Prime and everything so it seems a little unfair :\

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  1. In your start/globe menu, go to the "run" command. If you're on vista/7, you'd use the little white box near the bottom. Type in "CMD" and press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.
  2. In the black box that comes up, type this with no quotes, and press enter. "cd desktop".
  3. Then in the black box, type this with no quotes and press enter. "ping -t google.com > ping.txt". It won't appear to do anything, just let it sit for a few minutes (like at least as long as it would take for the warframe update to try and then hit the failure point).
  4. After a few minutes, go back to the black box and press CTRL+C.
  5. Type "exit" with no quotes and press enter to close the black box.
  6. You should have ping.txt on your desktop. Copy it's contents onto a site like http://paste2.org/new-paste and link us.

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