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Using Another Frame's Animation Set


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There was talk a few livestreams ago about the idea of using another frame's animation set for standard stances. It came up during one of the livestreams which covered the future Space Hubs.


I forget who brought the idea up but it was one of the things which everybody on the couch at the time seemed to find interesting, I found so as well, and yet, either the community forgot about it, the developers forgot about it, or the idea was scrapped without any further notice, but regardless, I haven't heard anything about the idea at all since that particular livestream.


Did I get my hopes up for that feature all on my own I wonder?


Either way, I do think that being able to swap animation sets would be a very fun idea. I'm not sure how warframes are modeled but if they are made using a standard skeleton first which all warframe models use underneath the model exterior which then have animations applied on top of, then would that make the free-stance selection easier to implement?


During the livestream there was talk of making it a platinum service but as of late we seem to be releasing a lot of cosmetics already and platinum would just be the easy way out; a lot of people already have these animations sets because they have the warframes, so selling them for platinum would seem redundant.


Not that I wouldn't pay for this service, but not everybody can, so I'd like to think about making it available to players first and selling it in the platinum shop second.


I was thinking that those animation sets could be given to you when you make a warframe, then applying the idea behind specters, stat-less helmet conversion, blueprints and the foundery, it would be interesting if you could buy or find a blueprint that converts an animation to "Free Use" allowing it to be used by any frame. 


What do you all think?

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Well it's supposed to be coming (there is a topic about this confirming such) and yeah, I've been wanting it for a while but it's been forgotten about, just like having any badge on any shoulder. Any shoulder badges should've come when we got armour but no, of course it didn't.


Unsure about how they should go about distributing them. Maybe credits only but if not, at least make them cheap via plat and I don't mean 50P cheap, cheaper. They can get and make their money elsewhere.

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Well I do hope to hear some news on it, I don't really follow the forums as much, but I do watch every livestream, and I know I haven't seen it mentioned at all for quite some time now. I thought it would have gotten more attention!


I personally want Saryn's Noble animation on my Nova. xD

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