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Stalker's Wrath


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So 2 of my friends and i were running the hive event we hit it once and the stalker came after us, no big deal. dealt with him and left, well we hit it again, right off the bat i was attacked by him AGAIN we dealt with him. Later on we had a host migration everything was normal until on the way out my screen flashed a deep crimson red which i nicknamed at the time since i don't know if there's a proper name for it, Stalker's Wrath, well during the last flash it was blood red and stayed for a while almost getting me killed, well after my friend SillyYamapone shot him in the back while he was low on health killing him instead of doing his normal animation he got back up fully revived and came after me killing me, so over the span of 2 missions i was attacked by the stalker for (in order) Lech Kril, Sargas Ruk, and Kela de thaym, if you need any witnesses to these events you can contact SillyYamapone or Silvercrown47, they will back this up 100%

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