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My Angstrum



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Or Tainted Clip, or Slip Magazine. That's three slots freed up for more elemental mods to suit the taste and effectively decimate hordes of your preferred enemy.


Personally, I slot all of the fire and ice to add a ridiculous amount of blast damage.

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this is mine. i only have +1 to clip size because once you go past that with 180% multishot, the spread becomes weird with an outer ring that is separate from an inner circle, like a target symbol. fire rate because gotta shoot fast and reload speed because reasons. viral/shock because decent status chance as well as evening out my overall damage types with its partner, penta which is corrosive/cold.


edit: that's using your forma btw, doesnt really need that many for it, more like 3 Vs only


edit 2: the spread on the angstrum is fixed, so youll always get the same thing for the same amount of rockets made.


edit 3: if you don't have those event mods then you'll probably need more forma, but the damage types are pretty sound. get the dual stat mods if you can if you dont have them already.


edit 4 (last one i swear): spread looks like http://www.aiga.org/uploadedImages/AIGA/Content/Inspiration/Corporate_Awards/CLA_Target_640x455.jpg with +5 ammo shot or more.

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This is my build, I figured more than 50% status would be overkill considering how many shots are fired. Also, when I use it, i tend not to unload the whole mag in one shot until late game when its necessary (basically I use it as sustained dps early game, then switch to its forte, burst.) Basically, when its late game, you use this build to clear out crowds with one volley. With that considered, fire rate is good enough from lethal torrent, and reload doesn't matter. I personally wouldn't use magnum force, as its damage modification is negligible, and it increases the spread significantly (unless you want a wider spread.) Also, as pistol gambit only adds 1 shot, I wouldn't use it either.

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