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Compactor Mod


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Spin off idea of someone's else's half-baked concept.


Compactor mods.


It would be a specialized mod that you either buy for platinum or get on alert.


It would have a base value of 5, and go up to rank 10, for a cost of 15.


There would be one for each type of object(pet, primary, secondary, melee, shotgun, warframe).


It would do nothing.


What would be interesting is that you could open the compactor mod and install up to 3 mods in it. The cost of each would be added to the cost of the compactor. Mods installed into the compactor could not be installed anywhere else. A compactor mod would have the same limitation as other mods(you'd be unable to have more than one compactor on anything, and it could not go in the aura/stance slot, nor could it hold auras/stances). Further, mods matching those inside of the compactor could not be used on the object it's installed on(you cannot use serration inside a compactor and then install serration by itself).


This would allow a player to install up to 3 mods on one slot, for an increased price.


The rank of the compactor mod would reflect the benefit of the mods inside. That is, at rank 0, it would give you 0% of the benefit of the mods inside of it. At rank 5, it would give you 35%, at rank 10 it would give you 70%.


To make this semi-managable, you would be able to forma a compactor mod, adding polarity slots to the 3 slots inside. This would reset it to rank 0, and could only be done when it has reached rank 10.


Ultimately, you could have all 3 slots inside of a compactor formaed, and the slot the compactor is in formaed, and the total cost would approximate to what the mods should cost anyways. For example:


Compactor 15(base)[fire(11)elec(11)ice(11)] would cost 48 normally. If all 3 internals were polarized, you'd get 15+(6+6+6) for 33 point cost. If you installed this on a formaed slot, it would be halved to 17. That would technically be a slight savings(regular total would be 18), but all 3 mods would only be functioning at 70% efficiency, which in most cases would actually only cost 15(the three mods being 2 ranks down from max).


The best theoretical savings would be having 3 cost 16 mods inside, with all applicable slots formaed, for one half of 15+(8+8+8), or 20 points, instead of the 24 it would cost. That would be a technical boost of 4 points(20 instead of 24), but with all of them being 3 points less than max(because of the 70% efficiency), the actual savings would only be a single point(20 instead of 21). To get that mass advantage would require you to get a rare mod(the compactor) to rank 10 a total of 3 different times, cost 4 forma, and require all 3 mods inside to be rank 10 as well.


There's currently no more than two separate cost 16 mods for any single object type, so the actual best would cost 19 for 23 points of installation, but, again, with a cost of 19 points for a real value of 20 points.


So it's not perfect, but I think we can agree to begrudge them 1 point for all the effort.


In this way, the people who REALLY WANT MORE SLOTS could effectively get two more, but because of the added point cost, the added installation cost, and the power reduction(max 70% efficiency), it would be kept in balance.


The numbers could possibly use a bit of tweaking, but as a basis, this would basically satisfy everyone with relatively little power creep(the efficiency penalty means this would make much more sense for utility mods than damage ones).

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In this way, the people who REALLY WANT MORE SLOTS).

Will be able to throw yet another element to pwn enemies faster.

Will be able to throw more tank/speed to ignore teamwork even more

Will be able to throw more on the sentinel to sit around and do nothing while pet do the job.

What we really need is LESS slots and MORE penalties while buffing utility modes with slight nerf of all damage ones, to create a lot of dillemmas in loadouts.

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What if it were to max out at only 33% efficiency? Then, at max, you'd only get 99% of 1 mod out of it.


Would that be better? I mean, I can kind-of see their point. I can also see your point. The lowered efficiency is key to making it work out reasonably.


I think 33% seems too low, personally, because of the added cost, but at maximum forma, the cost IS roughly 100%, so I'm not sure.


Perhaps 50%? Like I said, the numbers may use some tweaking. It would already be fairly difficult to really "pwn enemies faster", as you'd be paying more point cost for less results.

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