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General Comments Regarding In Game Visibility


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I have no idea how much it effects everyone else, but I have major issues actually seeing where I am going or what I am shooting half the time. I will try to give examples, as I often run maps solo just for something to do, a few points first.


* My eyesight ain't so great to start. To make it easier, I use a 40" TV as my monitor, and it's sitting about a foot away. I don't get eye strain from this, in fact my old headaches were because of trying to focus on small text on smaller screens, now not an issue.

* I always attempt to turn off as much "over the top" GFX in games as possible, and I heavily adjust contrast and brightness when needed. I wish I could go back to messing with color inversions (NVidia let you mess with those a long time ago) but alas, I can't anymore.

* I pick weapons with low recoil, or I add recoil reducing mods, as the "jerk" from some guns just causes instant headaches.

* I'm very picky with energy colors otherwise some effects are like a flashbang to me, or make it impossible to see in-game (bright colored Snow Globes, or pink tornados), I bought the white-black palette the very instant someone told me that pure black made Snow Globes almost invisible.


Even adjusting for all that, the following are some examples that make the game stressful to play:


* On a night map, the Greneeir are very hard to see, and as many don't have bright weapon flashes, trying to spot them is harsh. I often use the scanning Sentinel to get around.

* Some sniper rifles scope put overlays that tint much of the view even further.

* Corpus enemy fire painting the screen blue with weapon flashes and beams everywhere. In Invasions, I always stick with the Corpus side regardless of rewards now, as I can at least use their weapon trails to figure out where Greneeir mobs are, and the blue rainstorms aren't being shot at me.

* Screen shaking like crazy when someone breaks a glass window to space vacuum. Also, I have been on maps that seem to shake for reasons unknown at random times.

* Still too many guns that shake the screen violently. An option to apply the recoil movement to the weapon reticle and not the whole screen would be so nice. In real life, a pistol would jerk upwards on recoil, it would not violently jerk your head/viewpoint.

* If you have a large melee weapon equipped and you crouch and move around, you have the equivalent of car windshield wipers back and forth across your vision the entire time.

* Some frames, like Rhino, block far more screen real estate then slim ones like say, Ember. Messing with FOV makes it a little better, but an option to allow players to change the offset of the frame relative to the screen would be better.

* The default height of the "viewpoint" seems a little low. It's quite easy to block a lot of the view when crouching, and I often catch myself aiming at the ground in front of me when running to get a better view of what is ahead. If I had the option, I would place the "over the shoulder" view a lot higher off the ground.


Some suggestions based on things, that in my opinion, would help me and would also help everyone else. I'm trying to keep them "simple", as in, we already have some things in game that do this.


* Target outline option like we get on our frames when someone user Roar, whenever we aim directly at a mob. Heck, I'd like it on all mobs all the time, but it would be over the top. We already get to see a health bar and mob name etc etc when we mouse over with the targeting reticule, so it's not as if the mobs can hide from us.

* A mod that acts like Banshee's Radar power. Not the actual effect, but something along the lines of the color effect, or of the scanner sentinel orange highlight, I mean, if you wanted to make it a useful card, some secondary effect could also be added in. We already have mods that can show containers and loot through walls, and across the entire map. Maybe this mod could also highlight to other people what mob we are currently damaging, maybe help everyone focus fire on them.

* A setting to tone down effects of abilities that are not fired by you, or simply an option to default ALL energy color abilities of other people to a "safe" palette. The amount of people painting the entire screen pink or that use very bright colors in say, Snow Globe make it impossible to sit inside one. A single transparency slider that works on ALL effects being fired would be an optimal solution, I think.

* Have more information "in your center view", as having to constantly flick your eyes away from the center to check your health/shields/ammo levels is just as bad as self-created recoil. We have an option to show the 4 ability dots in the reticle view, and adding some more unobtrusive indicators of the status of our frames would go a long way. I tried messing with HUD position settings and sizing, but it's not an optimal way to fix it for me. We already have effects where the entire screen edges flash wildly when you are on low health or when being hit - and for the record, they are very distracting effects on the general view - some better control would be welcome.


This game produces immense amount of visual clutter, It would be nice to get more controls to make things easier to see.


If anyone who is color blind plays this game I'd love to hear what it "looks" like to them.

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some of the display options make things very foggy try playing around with them


I have everything basically switched off. I just switched everything back on and ran one game of the Breeding Grounds.


You know what makes things "very foggy"? A pink Ignus. Not even joking.

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