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[Warframe Concept] Sanguine - The Red Mistress' - Last Update 4.07.2014


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Name: Sanguine – The Red Mistress

Description: Sanguine is an offensive type warframe who uses the blood of her enemies to fuel her dark powers.



Concept art: Its pretty rough ( Mostly because it was done in paint )



Still working on the prime version.




 1.Life Sap - Sanguine uses her tendrils to stab enemies and steal their health. – "The drink's on you "


  • Deals 150/300/400/600 puncture damage to a single target in range of 5/6/8/10 meters, healing sanguine for 20% of the damage dealt.
  • The amount healed cannot exceed 30% of Sanguines max health.
  • Power strength will increase damage but will not increase the healing percentage.
  • At rank 3 will have a 75% chance to cause bleeding.


 2. Blood Mark - Sanguine creates a pool of blood around her , enemies who step in it are immediately attacked by tendrils draining them of energy. – " Care to join me "


  • Creates a pool of blood  up to 5/6/7/8 meters that will replenish your energy by 1.25/2.7/4.2/5 every second for every enemy in the area of effect.
  • affected enemies will receive 20/40/80/100 puncture damage every second.
  • Power strength or range does not affect de range of this skill nor the energy gain.
  • The pool lasts 10 seconds and its not affect by skill rank, however power duration can still be used.
  • From rank 0/1 will cost 5% hp while rank 2/3 will cost 10%.
  • Sanguine takes damage while in animation but will not be knocked down nor interrupted. 


 3. Charm/Vampiric Gaze - Sanguine charms her enemies bringing them closer to their doom . (She releases a redish/Pink mist in front of her , enemies caught in it are immediately hypnotized and move towards Sanguine.) – "Death at first sight "

  • Releases a red mist in front of her , charming all enemies within 5/6/8/10 meters making them follow Sanguine for 5/6/8/10 seconds.
  • Is affected by power range and power duration.


 4. Blood Boil - Sanguine infects her enemies with a blood plague causing their blood to boil to the point they burst into pieces , damaging nearby targets.( enemies start to choke and attempt to flee while constantly losing life , if their health reaches 0 while under the effect of blood boil they explode dealing dmg AOE).  "Makes their hearts burst with love"


  • Deals 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 damage per second over 6 seconds within a radius of 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 meters
  • Sanguine is invulnerable during cast animation.
  • enemies are stunned for 4 seconds and don't receive damage from effect until they finish their animation.
  • When enemies explode, their explosion damage is equal to the number of health they had when infected with blood boil.
  • Enemies will start to run away after 4 seconds. (similar to Nekros's terror)
  • enemy explosion radius is 5 m and its not affected by range mods.
  • Killing an enemies under the effect of blood boil will still cause them to explode.( because of recent bug the explosion is delayed making their corpse explode after a while or out of thin air if killed with melee channeling.)  




Health: 160 (480)

Shields: 90(270)

Energy: 100(150)

Armor: 68

Stamina: 100

Sprint Speed: 1.0



Here's a male version of sanguine.(Not really sure about the head.)



Working on some alternate helmets and maybe finish the prime version.


Alternate helmet 1 - Vile Sanguine



Alternate helmet 2 - Terror Sanguine






I think this suits her better than claws. What do you guys think?



Feel free to comment . 

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I been asking for a Vampire warframe since forever! I say YES! But I want it to be a male... and anyway the next female in the Dev Stream was mention to be female and a Hacker this idea might pop up but as a Male Warframe... XD

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