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Alad V+Kerrigan=<3


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"Expect hundreds of thousands of non-Grineer marines preparing on a well-coordinated attack against Alad and his horde."

include a similar amount of Protoss allies just because Raynor told them that they'll fight a new kind(s) of "zerg"

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These two need to hook up and share stories about how they both love creepy alien virus-insect-bugs while taking slow walks on the beach.



I have a strange urge to ship this.


I'm not very familiar with StarCraft though.

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Unofficial rumour, zerg are the result of an abandoned attempt from blizzard at making a wh40k-based game.

In any case, tyranids outdate the zerg by a few years.

Would be funny if we'd get a Deathleaper-esque assassin for the infested.


The Starcraft and Warcraft franchises are ripoffs of Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy respectively.


It is no secret or anything, lol.

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