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Best Stance Mod For Nikanas



I prefer fast attacks with a bit of AoE (like the first combo of Clashing Forest for staves), speed being the most important factor for me. Which one should I get, Tranquil Cleave or Decisive Judgement?

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Honestly, the Nikana isn't exactly about AoE. It makes up for that in DAMAGE!


To be honest, I like Decisive judgement better. Mind you, I found Tranquil Cleave before Decisive, but.. I don't know, it's just the feel of Decisive that is better, if you care for my personal opinion. I can't tell you which is better. 

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i havent own the tranquil yet,so i wont tell u which is the best, but i've been using decisive for quite a while now, it's a good to use combo stance mod for me, the aerial attack combo is legit sometimes when u go on a mission with melee only , for instance hitting that flying osprey instead of trying to aim ur jump attack to land on it, and there's a combo to land a headshot, i 4gt the name but it's in decisive judgement, so it's good for practical use,mostly aiming at the head, been able to get headshots quite easy with my nikana bcoz of it, even normal slashes can get headshot for certain type of enemy

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I prefer Tranquil,

judgement is so floaty with its combos its a lot harder to ain anything

Tranquils combos are much simpler and easier to hit

I love the jab and the dash forward

and the fact that you like quicker things id definietly say Tranquil,


judgement feels a bit slow IMO

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