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Advice: Wait Until Release Before Complaining



I see a lot of members who complain about unreleased content, especially concerning future updates.


First of all you should know that nobody except the developers can answer any question about their concepts and the second point is that most of the previews are just a sneak peek of the work in progress!


So, why does this matter? Because DE might consider to remove their previews if people keep being upset about not existing stuff and the other aspect is that you will get flaming in your topics anyway.


I have done this mistake too but I realized how stupid it was and will avoid it.




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Yes, seeing the devstream from yesterday i can't understand how people can not be happy after seeing all this awesome stuff, but somehow they still manage to only see bad points


people that are happy and enjoy the update are in game playing and enjoying it.

people that are unhappy and not satisfied with the update are complaining on the forums.


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