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The Dojo Danger Room


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So yeah, we all want shooting ranges in the dojo.


As of dev stream, they said it can't be done currently because functionality limits player base(more stuff means fewer peeps).


It would make a lot of sense if we had the danger room in the dojo, but it would be a problem with how many people can get in.


To save sanity, it would make the most sense if activating one created  a seperate space that players "teleport" to, which would be hosted separately from the dojo itself--if someone else is at the dojo, they just leave(and possibly host migrates). If nobody else is at the dojo, then it merely unloads(so that other users can load it), and loads in the training room instead.


This way, the training rooms could have full functionality, and because they're connected to the dojo, players at the dojo could visit them to see what's being done there(either participate or observe, with some ability for the room starter to control). As a bonus, this would allow a LOT more variety with what the training room can do/feature, while also allowing many multiples to be created at once(should many people want to test multiple things at once).


When someone leaves the training room, they'd then go back to the dojo, either joining the session in progress, or hosting it if it wasn't up yet.


This would pop a loading screen in the middle, which is somewhat less than ideal, but would allow a clan to both have the training facilities access AND have the community functionality at once.

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Why  not add it to your personal ships instead ?

I'm going to go with "didn't read OP, only heading" for why you asked that.


However, let me go ahead and say it again: If you actually intend to have any social functionality at all to them(like, say, gasp, 2 people in it at once), having it on the personal ships is a terrible idea that puts a lot of added stress on the person testing something to have anyone else with them, makes it so that EVERY player has to do all the work(materials, credits, resources, build time) to build their own unique one, and pointlessly complicates having training sessions with multiples of people showing up(some variety of trying to add/search for people is added on top of the rest, rather than just entering the dojo, walking to the right place, and going in to an existing session--imagine if you're demonstrating to 20 people, having to invite them all one at a time, every single time!).


Or, as I summed up(after saying several times) in the OP: "would allow a clan to both have the training facilities access AND have the community functionality at once."

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