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Wts Mod And Prime Set

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Prime set:

ember prime 50p

mag prime 35p

rhino prime 170p

burston prime 30p

boar prime 30p

boltor prime 90p

fang prime 40p

sicarus prime 20p

reaper prime 20p

uncommon mod (5p each, unless specified)

bane of grineer, infested, and corpus

cleanse grineer and infested

expel corpus, grineer, and infested

charged shell, chilling grasp, incendiary coat (shotgun element)

hell fire, infected clip, cryo round, storm bringer (rifle element)

fever strike, molten impact (melee element)

true punishment (10p)

rare mod (10p each, unless specified)






quick thingking

undying will


master thieft

continuity (15p)

split chamber

rifle ammo mutation

vital sense

wild fire

critical delay

hell chamber

accelerated blast


lethal torrent

ice storm

stunning speed


rending strike

focus energy

corrupt charged

spoiled strike

sundering strike

arrow ammo mutation



sniper ammo mutation

pistol ammo mutation

aura mod (5p each)

enemy sense

rifle, pistol and shotgun scavenger


infested impendance


stance mod (5p each, unless specified)

shimmering blight

clashing forest

reaping spiral

sundering weave

coiling viper (15p)

bleeding willow (30p)

flaling branch (20p)

cruishing ruin (30p)

iron phoenix (20p)

prime blueprint (5p each, unless specied)

bronco bp

akbronco bp

paris prime bp

mag prime bp

boar prime bp

braton prime bp

sicarus prime bp

reaper prime bp

glaive prime bp (10p)

prime part (5p each, unless specified)

latron prime barrel, stock, and receiver

boltor prime stock

boltol prime receiver and barrel (10p each)

sicarus prime barrel

burston prime stock

boar prime receiver

lex prime barrel (10p)

fang blade

glaive prime disc

reaper handle

orthos prime handle

mag prime chassis

ember prime helmet

ankyros blade (10)

if anyone interested, can message me to my psn account (micshan_4life) or reply here.

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