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Shounen Heroes Recruiting


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We have no fancy sales pitch or motto to catch your interest, but here's what we're all about:


We're originally a group of three who mutinied from a moon clan we were in because it was unorganized, and essentially a just a big group of randoms - which was no different to playing with randoms outside a clan.


We originally made the clan for just the three of us to more easily communicate in-game though we're now looking to expand -- more friends, more people to play with, though we're not growing any bigger than ghost with our current plans.


As far as rules go, well, we're pretty easygoing, pretty difficult to offend, sooo uh, I don't know. Let's say you just play the game, be yourself and go with DE's rules.


What we're looking for:

-Active, above average players who are looking for active, above average players.

-No d-bags

-A good understanding of English, not necessarily first language

-A (good) sense of humor

-People who can either work with a strategy, contribute to, or devise one for everyone else to work with for higher level play


What we can give you:

-Four people (and counting?) who're above average, active and knowledgeable.

-A small, d-bag free community


-A tsundere leader hue

-The title of "Shounen Hero"

Oh right and we have 99% of dojo research done already.


PM me (SignumCruxis) ingame or harass me on skype (white.thighsocks)(Don't forget the dot) for an invite or any questions and all that sort of stuff. '-'

If I'm not around, harass KamijoTouma ingame.

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And I'm the one you're to harass if Signum's not available, KamijoTouma. You can also contact me through skype (sinfraera)

I should note we've no plans to expand beyond the ghost clan tier so applications may be limited; however, we may be open to creating an alliance for the same purpose our clan holds: easy matchmaking for competent runs.


Should clarify my timezone so you actually know when to contact me, I'm in PST/PDT(US/Canada west coast) GMT -8

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