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Thought of this the other day :


We all should know that Warframes are biomechanical, but most of them just appear to be biological. We all know that we can switch in and out of each Warframe, and that we wear them as suits of armor, and that they have some form of connection to the Technocyte Virus.


Though, with Valkyr... Valkyr herself, and I am stating this as the Warframe Valkyr is a female, her description is odd: "Forged in the labs of the Zanuka project, the original Valkyr was subject to cruel experiments, leaving her scarred, angry and frighteningly adept at killing."


I thought up this theory itself: Warframes are alive, and can feel pain. It does not state that the Tenno wearing the Valkyr Warframe was subjected to pain or experiments, just the Warframe itself. What if the armor we wear is alive, but since it has some connection to the Technocyte Virus, it causes us to become hostile and ruthless killers. What if the Lotus herself was just made so that we can stay under control and stay sane, but since the Valkyr 'Frame was experimented on, that control was lost, making her ( the Warframe ) make the user insane?

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What about the frameless pod guys and gals? Seems to me that the females have the physique to apply the female frames on their blank and males their own in return. In other words, one can't really fit into both.


I made another theory thread a long time ago stating that since Warframe anatomy is just completely warped ( Rhino, Nekros ) the reason Tenno anatomy doesn't matter is because we actually mutate into the Warframes. It would take time and we'd be vulnerable, so that's why we wouldn't be able to do so during a mission. The Lotus does state during Alad's fight that we are "fighting one of our own/fighting a Tenno", something along those lines.


Of course this theory I have here can debunk the Valkyr theory, there's so many possibilities in the Warframe world.

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