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Sorry to bother you guys, I'm trying to decide what weapons to forma build and was hoping for some advice. As of now, my fully forma'd weapons are: Boltor Prime, Paris Prime, Synapse, Ogris, Boar Prime, Angstrum, Ak-Bronco Prime (ugh), Ak-Bolto, Dakra, Dragon Nikana, Dual Ichor, Glaive Prime, and Orthos Prime. 


I'm already considering Ignis, Burston Prime, Latron Prime, Phage, Vectis, and Detron. Should anything else be on my radar, or should one of the ones I just mentioned stand out? A few of those corpus guns look kind of interesting... Thanks.

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Amprex - Excellent for crowd control, poor for ammo consumption rate. Crit builds work really well.


Penta - People will hate you for it, but oh well.


Ignis isn't top damage, but it affects a fairly wide area.


Latron Prime is excellent.


Phage is really good, too.


Vectis is ok, but snipers as a whole need a major buff.

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