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The Mutalist Osprey Made Me Clip Through Some Stairs


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quick background story:


So i was doing the orokin reactor's gift from the lotus alert ten or so minutes until it ended, my earlier attempts taught me that the ospreys are a part of the infested everywhere now, and that they're still annoying,


so i decided that the best bet would  be to go slowly, bring hitscan for them, and LOVE my rejuvination


AND I DID, and it went well, until a couple of ospreys turned the corner, one holding a toxic crawler, the other going solo, and floated towards the stairs


my first thought was to melee them before they can rise up, and avoid death, and so i rushed towards the stairs, crouched bumped into the one holding the toxic crawler






Trapped, stuck watching as the infested slowly nibble away at the pods health


Needless to say i didn't get the potato.

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it was the one with reactors right? sucks for you and i wish i could you one of my spares


eh, my frost survived unpotatoed for now, it'll survive longer


it was a pretty amusing glitch tho, until i figured out i can't get out :|

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