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Hk's Small Garage Sale.

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Hi guys! I want to get rid of some stuff I don't use or need, if you are interested, leave a comment here or send a PM to my profile.



Sundering Wave (Maxed) 5p

Burning wasp (Maxed) 10p

Coiling Viper (Maxed) 15p



Rare Fusion Core 5p

Malignant Force (Maxed) 15p

Toxic Barrage (Maxed) 15p

Jolt (Maxed) 80p

Fired up 5

Stabilizer 5

Shred 10



Bronco Prime set (Bp + parts) 25p

Wyrm Prime Blueprint 25p

Sicarius Prime Bp 5p

Sicarius Prime Barrel 5p

Boltor Prime Receiver 5p

Boltor Prime Stock 2p

Bo Prime Ornament 7p

Paris Lower Limb 3p

Paris Grip 3p

Paris String 3p

Orthos Handle 5p

Latron Barrel 3p

Latron Bp 3p

Burston Stock 5p



Nova - Flux 30p

Saryn - Chlora 10p

Excalibur - Pendragon 35p

Ember - Phoenix 30p

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