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Exploiter In Breeding Grounds Info Plz De


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idk if im supposed to post it here or not but theres an exploiter on the event with the clan called -snip- and he was solo in hes clan and got 4k points in 1 evening im kinda sad for this since me and my clan are trying realllllly hard to get higher and we went in 1 and a half day from 17k to the 5th spot in ghost clands ... now this guy pops up makes a ghost clan and becomes nr 1 i dont rlly think this is fair towards us the players of the event so my queestion is will he get resetted? becus this is complete bs if i have to say it as rude as this my clanmates were desperately trying to get higher and when we finally got 4th spot we are getting 3rd spot easily back then this guy just pops up makes a clan be a bitcch and exploit and got first i would reallytl ike some info about this ... if itsn ot getting proper fixed or if he doesnt get resetted then what point is there i ntrying to get at the top when exploiters can do what theywant? some info please DE....(not trying to be a $#*(@ but were losing our 3rd spot becus of an exploiter just a shame to see my clan members doing there best and seeing it all go to vain becus of 1 A hole) also people saying stuff like its like it is and exploitewrs will be there idc ... well you maybe dont carew BUT WE DO CARE just pointing that out

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