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[Selling] Some Of Everything!

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PM in game and/or leave a reply on this post and let me know if you see anything you want.

Some prices may be negotiable, c: 

Looking for Reaper Prime Blade, so if you have it, say so and you may be able to get anything in the shop for it.


Warframe Parts


BP - 2p

Chassis - 2p

Frost Prime

Chassis - 8p

Helmet - 8p

Ember Prime

Helmet - 7p

Mag Prime

BP - 4p

Chassis - 5p

Helmet - 5p


Prime Weapon Parts

Ankyros Prime

Blade - 14p

Bo Prime

Ornament - 20p

Boltor Prime

Barrel - 13p

Stock - 3p

Dakra Prime

Handle - 8p

Fang Prime

BP - 5p

Glaive Prime

BP - 13p

Latron Prime

BP - 2

Receiver - 5

Stock - 7

Orthos Prime

Blade - 20p

Handle - 8p

Paris Prime

Grip - 5p

Lower Limb - 5p

Upper Limb - 12p

Sicarus Prime

BP - 4p

Barrel - 5p

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