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Kubrow Gameplay.


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with all this kubrow stuff i was wondering if, at a point, we could not use a monitoring/ controlling/ not even need to be explained system to directly control the kubrow.


i mean, as a part of his training, instead of taking your warframe in, you just take kubrow. since he has all the traditional moves and seem to have melee animations and such.


we could have ... fun. i mean. really.


i don't know, i just throw that here.


oh and please, give the kubrow 555 stam.

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I hope Kubrow has a neglectible Stamina loss that allows me to use him all the time if i just feed it within reason. Because they seem like they don't want to over-write the Sentinels with the Kubrow, but that's actually exactly what i want to do right now. Hell, the Kubrows is exactly what i though Sentinels would be about.

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