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Suggestion: Personal Specter Variant, "ghast"


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Dear DE,


Straight to the point, I'd like to see a more "permanent" type of Specter for personal use (deployable in missions). What I mean by that is I want a Specter type that I can use endlessly, rather than having an amount limited by how much I feel like grinding rescue missions.


It's...annoying to have to make the decision between grinding to get a whole lot of really weak Specters, or just a handful of decent ones (Vapor vs Cosmic). It's annoying that, either way, you can find yourself using them all up rather quickly, even if you've stockpiled them, given you rely on them at all.


I'd rather have something like the Prime Extractor variants where you can either build endlessly from a single blueprint, and thus replenish your ranks without the all the hassle of uninteresting/uninvolved grinding, or just have one Specter variant that you can use over and over once you've built it.


I want a Ghast.


It doesn't have to be called that, of course...but I want to have the option of getting either some endlessly recyclable blueprints, or endlessly reusable summon spheres.


Make it cost a bunch of plats, sure.

Make it cost a ton of credits, sure.

Make it cost a ton of resources, sure.


I don't mind that sort of thing, so long as I can have the option to avoid the irritating grind in favor of spending more time on the missions I WANT to do, and not have to worry about running out of Specters at the same time.


You could have the same four "tiers" for them as well.


Vapor Ghast - Spawns at starting level of mission's foes

Phase Ghast - Starting level +3

Force Ghast - Starting level +5

Cosmic Ghast - Starting level +10



Or you could make them a little better than their lesser cousins as extra incentive for people to grab them, I don't mind either way.


A good number of people seem to be of the opinion that the Specters are useless or not worth the effort....


I like the Specters a lot, unlike those folks. I use them quite frequently, since I find myself starting most missions solo and like to have some backup in case things get rough unexpectedly, or in case no others end up joining my session before I finish (happens a lot actually, both cases). Being able to count on an AI team mate is a fairly rare treat in games these days. I'd like the agitating part of the formula removed to maximize my utility and enjoyment of the game's assets.


Please consider this request, if not for the money, if not for my own enjoyment (and very likely the enjoyment of others), then for...the lulz.







-Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III




Don't hesitate to call.

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I'm only trying to avoid one grind so I can grind the grind I enjoy grinding more than the other grind that's more a hindrance than a rewarding experience kind of grind (yo dawg we herd u liek grinding).


Honestly, I think this move (or some approximation of it) would be beneficial all-around. I know I'm not the only one who wants the Specters to be...better. This could solve a lot of the issues with how Specters are viewed right now while also making DE a good bit of pocket money in the process.


Win-win scenarios, rare but appealing, are they not?

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Something like this would appeal to me simply because of permanence.  What I have earned, I can keep.


This is pretty much the main reason why I've still yet to build a single spectre, and likely why I never will.  I don't see them used often enough to see their benefits in battle, and at the same time my resources spent on them will be a single sunk cost.  There's ever a guarantee of payoff with the resources that are needed to construct these things.


It baffles me personally why these things are treated as consumable items rather than tools, being extensions of oneself.  A reusable version may find more significance both as a tool to be used in battle as well as a projection of the player, almost a second party member.

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