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Question On Specters



Wiki is kind of confusing me. Do mods affect the specter weapons and warframes or not? It said that "Their loadout is not affected by the original's mod loadout upon creation, instead they possess the base statistics of their weapons and Warframe and scales the value according to their level.".. Then wiki says "The Auto-Install function in the Upgrade section of the Arsenal will often create loadouts that have the highest possible amount of Conclave points for a particular weapon or Warframe. " So mods do matter then towards this conclave system?

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specters dont use mods, what they mean with "auto-install getting highest possible conclave" is to achieve the 1800conclave points,so that u can even build a cosmic specter in the 1st place,it has nothing to do with specter using mods itself, since they dont use mods,i'd suggest not to use soma on specters.. i tried that.. useless..

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