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Banshee Silence Build





Okay before you say "lol that's a bad build", here's my reasoning.


I've gone for a sonic boom, silence build because one, I love Nyx's chaos due to when you cast it all the enemies in range get stunned which leads me to why i like the new silence, you have a walking stun aura for a few seconds


I've gone with a rank 2 intensify to give sonic boom a bit of damage, but you don't really need this


Continuity/Constitution- to give you silence a crazy long go time 


Streamline/flow- because energy (the flow isn't ranked up all the way because forma)


Stretch- you might think you'd want a large area for this but i've tried that, you don't. the enemies close to you get stunned, then once you kill them and move on the guys who were in the range are already over it and it doesn't do anything.


redirection/vitality- because she needs all the health and shields you can get


You could add sonar instead of stretch


Please add your thoughts and suggestions on this!

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Tried the build and it's quite solid but you can do a few simple things like switching Constitution with Flow for more energy, putting in the Melee Aura for points, and of course, fusioning the mods :) 

Alrighty, i'll do that. I have all the mods already upgraded, just used the ones that weren't

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