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Suggestion: "blessed Primes" Aka "op Shiny Helmets"


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This is a somewhat notorious conversation I already had in US-East Region chat. I decided I might as well turn it into a full-fledged forum post.




In case you couldn't tell from the title, I'll be making a case to the ends of having access to items that could, and would, be viewable as somewhat overpowered.


I by no means expect this to be integrated into the game. This is simply a far-flung fantasy, or a whimsical wish, more than a serious suggestion.


Try not to take it too seriously, my fellow Tenno. I was given quite a verbal thrashing in Region chat already.


(DE, take it very seriously! Ignore anything that sounds OP! Make this happen!)




Joking aside, here's my vision/desire:


You take your two Arcane helmets...you take the GOOD Arcane stats out of them...you put them in your Prime helmet.


That's it in a nutshell.



*Thunderous backlash from audience*

Yes, I know, I know...too OP. Yadda yadda.


This argument isn't going to be very strong for my side. Mostly I'm lazy and I WANT to be OP. Mostly my Loki Prime...I love that helmet...but it's so...NOT Arcane. No increased range, no increased efficiency...not as fun. I want my Prime frames to be the best variant possible. I want them to be shining golden gods, compared to the rest. I want to not have to dodge bullets.


If you haven't already scrolled down to angry reply, or ragequit to a different topic, here's how I see it working:



1 Teaspoon of Argon Crystal (or some future super-rare material...Space Unobtanium)

1 Dash of Forma

2 Cups of Orokin Catalysts

2 Arcane Helmets (1 each variant, of course)

1 Prime Helmet


Bake at 450 °F for 24 hours.


Voila, Blessed Prime helmet.


This process uses up the said ingredients (or more, or less, whatever) and the output is your Prime helmet with both of the "positive" arcane stats, but neither of the "negative" ones. You lose both Arcane variants in the process, but since there are already non-Arcane variants, that isn't an issue.


Would the end result be kind of OP? Yeah kind of. It's not crazy OP since the benefits of the Arcane helms were never meant to be OP anyway, but the fact you no longer have the mal-effects associated makes it...more desirable in the end, yes.


I know that you, DE, are kind of distancing yourselves from the stat'd gear for now...but this isn't introducing anything NEW, really, it's just making use of what's already in the game. No design changes necessary, just consume materials, move stats. Make something beautiful.


It's not the best idea, I know. I'm mostly trying to be lazy, I know.


I still want it. I want my Shining Golden Gods to be better than the rest of the chaff.



Consider it, at least?

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The Orokin didn't make the alt helmets, and Prime is the Orokin tech. Alt helmets are aftermarket parts like the regular frame.

Its not going to happen, it shouldn't happen, and there is no need for it. Use the original, or use the modded but lesser quality item. That is the choice available

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If that's the only problem you see, Binary Guy, then I vote for you as new Head Decision Guy of DE. Toss out the potatoes, make me into a Shining Golden God. :P


More seriously though, thanks for the vote of confidence. The material cost to make it I imagined is supposed to reflect how useful the end-product would be, in my opinion. But yeah, if this even makes it into the game, I doubt that DE would use what I've suggested in whole, and possibly not even in part. They might decide it takes one of each kind of potato and 15 forma. Who knows? Depends on how useful THEY think the end-product would be.


But yes, thanks for the interest in the idea... Binary Fellow. :3



To the inevitable nay-sayers:


Yeah I know. I'm not standing on very solid ground from an argumentative point. I already acknowledged that.

This is just something I'd like to have...I'm greedy and vain. I want to be harder, better, faster, stronger. That sort of thing.

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I generally dislike your idea, and I think the upcoming Focus system will likely do the things you want anyway, but without restricting a percentage of the playerbase from achieving similar power. 

That said, this is sort of how I wanted helmets to be handled before they decided to just phase them out; choose which attribute bonuses you wanted on your helmet and then set that in. A system where you could 'fuse' your vanilla helmet with stats in the foundry would have been appreciated and would have solved the cosmetics not being tied down to stats while simultaneously giving you other crap to farm for MOAR POWER, which is ultimately what this game is mostly about anyway.


So as an example you might find a RAGE (Helmet) Blueprint, which you could then mix with your existing helmet and you would get an 'RAGE Helmet' which gives +15 Power, -5 Armor. Or maybe you find a SPEED (Helmet) Blueprint that you could over-write your RAGE helmet with that gives +15% speed, -20% Shield. That's the gist of it anyway. 

Not that I dislike the route they took, I just think it was a little less inventive then what I would have gone with. 

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Just because I know someone is going to bring it up; power creep is only bad when enemies fail to scale appropriately to match. Right now I'd argue that enemies are generally not challenging enough for what Tenno are able to do, so any additional power we get needs to be given out very carefully, but making Tenno more powerful as the game goes on is not in itself bad. 

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The moment anyone but the Orokin are able to do anything with Prime tech apart from very basic assembly is the moment Primes become worthless. If any random dude can modify or enhance supposed top of the line gear... how top of the line is it really?

Primes, no. Other variants, like Wraith/Vandal/Dex/Dragon/whatever? Sure. It makes sense and it fits with the lore

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Given that DE has been trying to distance themselves from the Arcane helmets as of the last couple months, I doubt they'd be making any advances towards them even if given the chance, lest provoke the newer, Arcane-less population further in the pursuit of power that they will either never have or have at a large difficulty wall of managing the Trading Tab.


Secondly, primes... have always been a matter of cosmetics, at least in terms of the Warframes.  Ember Prime and Frost Prime are not much stronger then their normal counterparts, but significantly blingier.  Treat them as legacy items to show off rather than true advances in power because of both the nature of the primes as well as how high the player strength potential already is.

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