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What About Losing Void Keys In Game Crashes?


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Well again me with this annoying topic...


I dont know why i still losing my void keys when the game crashes in middle of a mission (thats more common that i'd like), before, in the forum, i saw a lot of posts about that.. so... when do you DE will fix this problem?.


Im not asking for the mission rewards that i have lost, i just want my keys back, i have spent my time doing interception missions, looking for those keys ..................

Before, if the mission crashes, well at least i could repeat the mission, but now i'm losing all my effort.....



Again, when do you DE will fix this problem?...... this situation is unfair.... :/

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Never :P, i am not sure if its allowed to say it here but when i wanted to restore my keys due to a bug where i used up 3 t4 surv keys instead of 1 in 1 run (hosted a game) i had to give to support team the names of the players that were with me at the time when i hosted the game which is impossible to remember nor you could have in your mind the thought of "lets save this pic just for fun might be handy"

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