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A Warframe In The Codex? Details And Frame Inside.


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No! Pwease! T.T The scanning. And you can't say dpn't complain about the scanning. People will complain about the scanning. Filling the codex is a grind worse than Nekros, Hydroid, Zephyr, Rhino P, and perhaps Loki combined. :P

LIES. I still don't have rhipri, after months of searching, and hundreds upon hundreds of missions.


I can fill like 5 codex entries at once, in the span of 3 missions or less.

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Exactly, but people just all hate the codex for no reason so it doesn't matter to them...


It isn't for no reason y'know, otherwise we wouldn't hate it as it wouldn't be something I hate, as I don't hate things for no reason.  Stopping myself from killing enemies to take pictures of them just doesn't interest me.  Currently, the Codex and scanning serve as an information tool that allows players to glean detailed information upon enemy stats, weaknesses, resistances, and their drop tables as separated by rarity type.


The Codex in its current state is an information tool, not a progression tool.


Your suggestion ties player progression to the Codex.  That is not inherently a bad thing, some are for it and others are against it.  Both sides are allowed to be on those mentioned sides of course.  So don't dismiss it as an invalid complaint.  People are allowed to not like a suggestion.


(slight off-topic comparison)  I hate how Hydroid is tied up behind a pretty large RNG wall as well mind you.  But if one wants him they have to go through that hoop outside of just throwing plat at it.


I even added in that if this were a thing, I'd just ignore the Codex and throw plat at it anyway.  We both get a new frame and you get progression with the Codex.

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