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Which Of These 3 Frames Would You Recommend?


Currently I have a maxed out Volt.

In farming alloy plate in Sedna, I have picked up two Saryn blueprints (missing Systems)

I somehow picked up two BPs for Ash.

But I was originally thinking of Loki, and I have the helm bp.

Which of these 3 frames do you think does best at what it's supposed to do? I have the impression that the answer is Loki, but I'd like to be sure not to be disappointed when I finally build a second frame.

Thanks all!

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I would go for Saryn (yay Saryn <3), cause she looks nice (*gives Loki mean look*), has a decoy that activates in a cool manner and an instant hard damage AoE ultimate that looks awesome when used.

Equally good at killing any faction.

Loki is good I guess, but bored me rather quick + there's a ton of them out there.

Ash is great, not my style but he's good.

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It all depends on your playstyle. Personally, I'd recommend Ash if you like to run and gun or play offensively. He's good with stealth too, but Loki's a lot better in that department. I've never really used a Saryn so I can't help you there.

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Ash cannot hold a candle to Loki's stealthing or teleporting. Shuriken is weak, Lokis Decoy is usefull because it draws a lot of aggro. Ashs Ulti can bug out and has a limited amount of kills. Ash has more health/shields/stamina, less energy than Loki. Loki is the better stealther, Ash is ... just sturdier and has a weak killing ultimate. And his polarity slots are kind of derpy.

Loki > Ash in stealth.

Saryn > Ash in ulti-kills.

And Saryn has a Decoy, too. Ash loses to either of those. Only Banshee is worse than Ash. ;)

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Ash really suffers from the two V polarity slots, because there aren't many V polarity mods and most of the ones that exist aren't great for Ash - minimal or no effect. His ultimate isn't actually that bad. Most importantly, it's incredibly fun. It's like watching a little cinematic. Even the camera angle changes with your kills. Honestly, I feel Loki is probably better, but Ash is very fun. This may be sour grapes on my part though - I have Ash, but I don't have Loki. I'm considering finishing off the blueprints for Loki in the near future, though.

But really, I'd pick Ash or Loki, not necessarily both. They're both fast-moving stealth-attack frames that can teleport.

Saryn's interesting. People compare it to Loki, because of Moult and Decoy. But the two are very different. Moult deploys around you, where you're currently standing. So you use it when you're trying to vacate a position. You use it on the move, leaving it in the open as you're going for cover. You use it as impromtu armour if getting an objective or rezzing a teammate, since it can absorb hits if you don't move out of the Moult when it's deployed.

Saryn has slow running speed. That's worth considering when playing her. I use her more as a mid-to-long range fighter with Moult as my primary power, occasionally Venom (which works best if you have some distance to place and then shoot out your orb). I only use melee/contagion and Miasma when I'm swarmed.

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I say Loki is most useful, as decoy is a life saver in defend maps, and generally boss fights, both are more difficult than your standard goon fighting.

But that been said, try to go for the one you like aesthetically. Look at some youtube videos of people playing the class and see how the class look from behind, how they run, any detail on the model you like/dislike.

But if you're not into the looks, think of it this way. Around 20 hours into the game, your weapons will be your main "gameplay" 80% of the time, other 20% using powers. Powers that just deal damage will be quickly outranked by weapons, so the utility powers start to shine (if they don't shine already). Frames with good utility powers will be more effective late game than they are early game.

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