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Best Weapons In The Game?



Look, I know someone will argue telling me distance, hitscan, etc etc, but I just wanted to know the best possible damage output weapons in the game. In my mind, I see it was:


Bolter Prime - Soma

Marelok - ?

Dragon Nikana - Dual Ichors


I was just wondering if anyone has any better damage dealing weapons in mind. Since I started playing this game these weapons were printed in my mind as the gun. I know some play styles are different, but I'm just wondering what is the highest damage dealing weapons, not opinionated.


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Dakra Prime is probably better than Dragon Nikana for sheer damage output. I do not use Crimson Dervish or Dragon Nikana at all, but supposedly Crimson Dervish puts Dakra Prime ahead of both the Nikana stances for DPS even using the Dragon Nikana.


Ignis is worth special mention because it hits a gigantic area with no max targets. The DPS looks low, but it's applying that DPS to everything at the same time. Even with punch-through mods a gun doesn't hit every enemy with every bullet. There is a point in the algebra of death dealing where Ignis will overtake anything else if it hits enough targets, and if you use Accelerant and a triple fire mod build you might be surprised at how soon you reach that point.


Twin Wraith Vipers are extremely high burst DPS when you dump a mag with gunslinger and crit mods, but if you don't have that then it's not readily available anymore.


Dread has honorable mention for some INSANE red crit headshots even without heavy caliber, but snipers are due for a buff and one of those may do more damage per shot than dread when all is said and done, or have more consistent damage from shot to shot even if it's lower spike damage.

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Primary: Dread, Soma, Boltor Prime, Latron Prime, Amprex/Synapse, Gorgon Wraith (possibly Sybaris)

Secondary: Marelok, Lex Prime, Brakk, Detron (possibly Despair)

Melee: Dragon Nikana, Dual Zorens, Dakra Prime, Jat Kittag, Bo Prime, Prova Vandal


P1: Dread for high critical chance, red critical chance, critical damage, and punch-through.

P2: Soma for high critical chance, critical damage, accuracy, and magazine

P3: Boltor Prime for damage, reload, and punch-through

P4. Latron Prime for damage, critical damage, moderate critical chance, and accuracy

P5: Amprex/Synapse for high critical chance, red critical chance, critical damage, and AoE attack

P6: Gorgon Wraith for damage, and reload

P7: Sybaris for high critical chance, critical damage, accuracy, and damage

S1: Marelok for damage, accuracy, reload, and animation

S2: Lex Prime for damage, accuracy, and reload

S3: Brakk for damage, and reload

S4: Detron for damage, and reload

S5: Despair for damage, punch-through, fast firerate, and very fast reload

M1: Dragon Nikana for damage, Tranquil Cleave stance, critical chance, and high critical damage

M2: Dual Zorens for high critical chance, high critical damage, Berserker, "zoren-coptering", fast attack speed, and Swirling Tiger stance

M3: Dakra Prime for fast attack speed, "melee-coptering", multi-hit, damage, and Crimson Dervish stance

M4: Jat Kittag for high damage, AoE attacks, knockback, Crushing Ruin stance, and tendency to send enemies flying

M5: Bo Prime for damage, AoE attacks, knockback, "melee-coptering", fast attack speed, critical chance, critical damage, and Flailing Branch stance

M6: Prova Vandal for status chance, elemental combos, "melee-coptering", AoE attacks, and Sundering Weave stance

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Synapse - Highest Corrosive DPS. Likewise Amprex - highest burst corrosive DPS (both with headshots)

Dread/PP - Highest damage per shot (headshots). Sybaris close second and better ammo pool

Penta for best AoE dps.


Brakk for CQ damage

Castanas for 100% AoE stun

AkBronco Prime for status effects per shot (something like 16 procs per shot O.o)

Akbolto with a click macro is a contender for top DPS and a high % of puncture is good against Gunners


Dakra Prime for highest damage/swing with CD stance

Fang Prime for 2nd highest effective DPS against Ferrite, just behind DI

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