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Mission Idea [Drop Zone Rescue]


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Drop Zone Rescue

Ships are fighting in space.Among them are Tenno opperatives and [rescue target faction] ships. Escape pods have been deployed and its your job to find and rescue your allies,but beware, the Corpus and Grineer may be among the pods.Open pods to find a friend or a squad of foes lieing in wait.Some pods have been destroyed on impact and you must erase valuable tenno secrets or recover map data and secrets from your enemies computers.

The mission idea

You have a large open area to explore.It would be a large open are like a field or glacier ice cap.You must watch for pods to land. Does a single pod land or do 3 land in the far corners.You have to decide to take your team after one at a time and risk enemies getting out and signaling reenforcments to come to theirr aid, so you and your team can attempt to get a dropship in to rescue a survivor... or you all take a pod and head out on your own to investigate the seperate pods.

Mission objective

You have to recue a set number or people or data packets.Reinforcments called in will cause you problems.Dropships cant land when there are enemies firing at them so you will have to clear out the enemies That have set up AA turrets agaisnt your allies.If an ally is captured your current total drops by twice as much.Hostages worth 5% and data worth 2%.If oyu loose a hostage you loose 10% of your total.If your total drops below 0% you fail.There is no max but every 50% after the 100% needed for mission success and evac the cost for loss goes up by X% making the risk greater but the chance for a better reward much greater.

Solo vs Squad

In solo mode pods have a limited number of drops so it is 2 pods max; so you can have one or two. Rescue costs are slightly higher in solo [offline possibly] so its easier for single players to go and rescue someone then go clear out some enemies while waiting for more pods to drop or incase more pods drop while going from the first pod to the next.

Squard will have slightly less % for each hostage and data retrived but more pods mean more rewards. With a max of 4 at higher ranks and 3 at lower a good team of 2 to 4 tenno can last for quite a while and get thier allies home.

Difficulty scaling

To manage the veterans vs new players you would have the feilds on Random planets.One or two low tiers and one or two high tiers.
Low tiers have slower time between pods and slower enemy level increases while the high tiers have pods at a higher rate that increases as the battle in space goes on. Enemy Captains and Generals evacuate last making the scaling rapidly increase making it harder to secure the AA placements and clearing landng zones for your recovery ships.

Level Layout

The maps would be small or big randomly. Each mission the pods might have a chance to land further away form each other or in smaller maps they might land in shooting range of each other. Enemy Reinforcments would set up AA turrets on the pods they have captured to shoot down any rescue ships not of their faction. The ships would have to be captured and either hacked or destroyed.Hacked AA could damage enemy pods comming in reducing the number of enemies who survive the landing but may also kill hostages on the pods or possible slowing down or destroying enemy reinforcments form landing. Enemies would be able to take back hacked turrets resulting in the need to clear them out again. Destroying them gives some resorces as salvage but no AA support. You gain reward for destroying them at the cost of an easier mission.

Reward system

Depending on the numbers you rescue and the types you would get various rewards. People tend to give out more money and wisdom resulting in credits and xp for you and your fellow Tenno and if your lucky they might even give you gear to assist your efforts such as bundles of pre-built team restore gear or even specter blueprints. The data would lead to secret caches so you may get alot of mods, loot crates, resources or even some void keys.

Immersion in the fields

The landscapes themselves are littered with debris from the battles in orbit making large blocking obstacles that must be ventured around. Undergorund tunnels on Earth may need you to go into dark caves to get to pods that fell through the cave ceilings.High cliffs require you to scale the cliff walls to get up high to get to the pods. As the battle rages on stray missles and cannon fire hit the planet. Watch the skies Tenno so you don't get blown up!

idea by chozoscout

for evac the idea is wide open to options.you can evac with a rescue target.hack a pod and call in your own dropship or maybe lotus sends a ship down after a certain amount of rescues and data recovered so you can leave at your discretion!


Please tell me what you think and idea to tweak and improve it.

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