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Wts>>Arcane Helmets, Hornet Strike Max, And Loki Prime Parts.

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-Prime Parts

-Loki Prime Helm>>120PT

-Loki Prime System>>90PT

-Loki Prime Bp>>50PT

-Boltor Prime Receiver>>30PT

-Boltor Prime Canon>>20PT

-Burston Prime Stock>>20PT

-2x Ankyros Prime Blade>>30PT

-2x Fang Prime Blade>>30PT

-1x Orthos Prime Blade>>10PT

-Ember Prime Helm>>20PT

-System Mag Prime>>10PT

-Braton Prime Receiver>>20PT

-Latron Prime Receiver>>10PT

-Paris Prime Bp>>10PT

-5x Boar Prime Bp>>10PT

-Akbronco Bp>>20PT

-2x Latron Prime Bp>>10PT


-Maxed Hornet Strike>>250PT

-Arcane Helmet












I'm Online On Game, Pm me!


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