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Weapons And Mod Ideas


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 While I was playing a survival with my friend using Glaive weapon, I remember that you could use Glaive to pick up items from cover in Dark sector, What do you guys think, do you think it would be good to have a mode which makes it possible.

considering how you could use glaive to gather ammo from cover or health orbs.


Also I'm not sure if there's one But what would Cryogenic weapons sound like? Considering there's Ignis for Fire and Synapys for Lightning.


Do you have any Mod or weapons ideas?


also apologies if this is not right place to post this XD

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Another mod for Glaive? It's hard to fit all those must-haves already (Whirlwind, Rebound or Quick Return, Power Throw, and basic damage and speed mods, of course), I'd rather see it as an innate thing.


For cryo weapons - yes. We are supposed to get Corpus cryo gun.

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