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Trading Prime And Mod Stuff

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[T]=stuff I currently have and offering for trade

[LF]=stuff I look for

Shoot your offer here,  I won't respond to any in-game message of trading offers, thank you.

& Respect, Thanks


[T]Prime parts

Burston Prime Stock

Dakra Prime Blade x2

Dakra Prime Handle x3

Frost Prime Chassis BP

Frost Prime Helmet BP

Loki Prime BP

Mag Prime Chassis BP

Paris Prime Lower Lime

Reaper Handle

Reaper Prime BP x5

Sicarus Prime Barrel


[T]Prime Sets

Latron Prime Set x2


[T]Mod Aura/Stance Mod

Lot of Uncommon Aura and Stance

Seismic Palm

[T]Melee Mod

Power Throw

Sundering Strike (Lot

[T]Sidearm Mod

Barrel Diffusion

Ice Storm x2

Seeker x2

Stunning speed x2

[T]Primary Mod


Hell's Chamber x3

Malignant Force

Metal Auger x6

Ravage x10

Seeking force


Split Chamber x3

Thunderbolt x2

Vital Sense x4

[T]Warframe Mod

Lot of ability


Reflex Guard

Shock Absorbers

Undying Will

Enermy Sense x3




Lex Prime Receiver

Lex Prime Blueprint

Fang Prime Handle x2

Fang Prime Blade

Orthos Prime Blueprint

Burston Prime Barrel

Burston Prime Receiver

Life Strike


Fleeting Expertise

Sure Footed

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Hello sir, I'd like to buy Blaze, Thunderbolt and and Seeking Force. 10p each and 12 seeking force

Thanks for your offer but sorrry i'd like to deny all your offers due to my personal opinion, have a nice day

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