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Various Prime Parts For Sale

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I ain't a greedy guy, so I'll agree to most prices as offered (I WILL check however if it's not too low ;p ), so if anyone needs anything out of this, post up here or PM me to set up a trade


Akbronco Prime BP (x3)

Bo Prime Ornament (x5)

Boar Prime BP (x1)

Boar Prime Receiver (x7)

Boar Prime Stock (x14)

Boltor Prime Barrel (x6)

Boltor Prime Receiver (x2)

Boltor Prime Stock (x11)

Braton Prime Barrel (x2)

Braton Prime BP (x5)
Braton Prime Receiver (x1)

Braton Prime Stock (x1)

Bronco Prime Barrel (x9)

Bronco Prime Blueprint (x2)

Bronco Prime Receiver (x2)

Burston Prime Barrel (x5)

Burston Prime Blueprint (x8)

Burston Prime Receiver (x7)

Burston Prime Stock (x2)
Dakra Prime Blade (x1)
Dakra Prime BP (x3)
Ember Prime BP (x7)

Ember Prime Chasis (x3)
Ember Prime Helmet (x5)

Fang Prime Blade (x11)
Fang Prime BP (x1)
Fang Prime Handle (x8)
Frost Prime BP (x6)
Frost Prime Chasis (x13)
Frost Prime Helmet (x8)
Frost Prime System (x4)
Glaice Prime Disc (x2)
Latron Prime Barrel (x2)
Latron Prime BP (x2)
Latron Prime Receiver (x2)
Latron Prime Stock (x2)

Lex Prime BP (x1)

Mag Prime BP (x4)
Mag Prime Chasis (x11)
Mag Prime Helmet (x13)
Orthos Prime Blade (x1)
Orthos Prime BP (x4)
Orthos Prime Handle (x2)
Paris Prime BP (x1)
Paris Prime Grip (x8)
Paris Prime Lower Limb (x11)
Paris Prime String (x3)
Paris Prime Upper Limb (x3)
Reaper Blade (x6)
Reaper Handle (x9)
Reaper BP (x12)
Rhino Prime Chassis (x5)
Rhino Prime System (x6)
Sicarus Prime Barrel (x16)
Sicarus Prime BP (x6)
Wyrm Prime Cerebrum (x1)


Regards modules, I have some spare ones but not too many of the -in demand- ones. Give it a shot and ask, I'll check

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