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Supra Deserve A Forma And Which?



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The Supra is a pretty... Awful weapon; not because of the power, the power is pretty fair for a light machinegun; the fire rate is pretty decent, and it functions similarly to that of the Gorgon/Wraith, the only massive drawback with it is the absolutely terrible travel time of the shots. Even at about ten meters you need to lead targets.


While the weapon was originally intended to be a blanket-fire, area denial type of weapon to kill anything that enters chokepoints (Or so I heard), it rarely fills that niche apart from defence missions.


It needs a buff, quite badly, along with a couple of other diabolical weapons such as the spectra.


But if you like it, I would recommend having two combat (V) polarities on it for Serration, Split Chamber, and if you're putting multiple formas on, two tactical polarities (--) for a combined element.


Happy modding. 

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