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Another Mutalist Osprey Thread


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I don't see any 'Enemies Feedback' category, so I'll just put this here.

I am not 'QQ'ing about how apparently overpowered the Mutalist Ospreys are, or stating that they need a serious nerf etc. However, I do have a few gripes over the introduction of this new enemy type.

I suppose I'll start with what I think it has done.
Now, this may be a little extreme, but I believe that these ospreys have put a major dent in Melee 2.0, or rather, it has managed to spoil the idea of Melee 2.0.


- Thirty one of our current fifty seven melee weapons are slash damage weapons, so that is roughly half of them being slash focused.


- The Infested are the most beneficial faction to use slash against, although I am sure that is common knowledge at this point. While Grineer and Corpus do have enemies with flesh or cloned flesh, it remains more practical to use Impact against Corpus, and Puncture against Grineer.


- The Mutalist Osprey (in my opinion) punishes the use of melee, especially at higher levels where they spawn in greater numbers. Focusing on using melee against the ground Infested will ultimately result in one being carpet bombed by toxin clouds from one or more of these new enemies, which, unless you're a Rhino, Valkyr or a Nyx using absorb, has a tendency to guarantee instant death due to the potency of the toxin procs.
They are incredibly difficult to target, even with the use of primary and secondary weapons. Although you'll still have far greater luck using primary and secondary weapons to down these enemies over melee.


- Melee 2.0 boasted the ability to strictly use melee (The Sword Alone) and succeed in high level missions. Last I checked, poison clouds cannot be blocked with melee... unless DE intends to release a large fan type weapon. And as previously stated, it is more practical to use secondary and primary weapons to destroy the Mutalist Osprey, as it is nearly impossible to take them down with the use of melee alone.

-As for the use of powers, powers are indeed viable. I have nothing further to say on behalf of this matter.

My point is that Melee 2.0 seems rather useless now, at least in terms of the use of slash weapons. Concentration toward pulling off various combos against an enemy type beloved for their strictly melee attack style is no longer encouraged due to the necessity of having to watch out for Mutalist Ospreys at all times.
What made the Infested such an enjoyable faction to fight against was being able to plow your way through a hallway filled to the brim with twisted flesh, feeling like a completely unstoppable bad-@$$ all the while. I acknowledge that the Infested were a relatively weak faction, although the illusion of being powerful was nice while it lasted.

The Infested did need a buff but... in my opinion, creating an enemy that takes away from the defining feature of said faction, and overall enjoyment in fighting said faction can't be the best direction to go.

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Use anti-venom to counter the toxin. Use abilities that slow them down for easy targeting, also not all mobs NEED to be killed with melee... they fly for a reason. Like they cant be killed with hentai tentacle spam... because they fly.

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