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New Mission Suggestion


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Not sure if this is int he right place, but ive thought of a great idea for a new mission. 


If its been said before then sorry, but as i said i could not find the suggestions board.


The mission will be an Extraction Mission.

The catch is there will be an Enemy that spawns ( maybe a new type of stalker or something diffrent ).

This enemy will chase the Tenno Party.

He / She will have incredibly high damage output Coupled with an extremely powerfull, near invincible shield / armor / health system in place.

The New enemy will also have an aura that disables / negates / removes any Tenno abilities within its range.


As for the mission in detail their will be your general faction enemies to stop you from just running to the end with no worries. The Boss guy that follows you will move relativly fast. The mission will start where you are tyring to infiltrate a room to download top secret information, hacking the console to the room will reveal said boss and the persuit will begin.

The tenno need to quickly evacuate before the boss destroys everyone.


Simple as that :P





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EDIT: First off stalker himself is insanely powerful and instant kills most the time of the tenno target, and to always do a mission knowing that a more powerful stalker will constantly be chasing you though out the whole mission sounds terrifying to even think of.

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Now this mission are best suitable for those players who always fast run when doing mission.


But what's you first objective? You can't just end up in a node and run to the end to extract? What kind of mission is that?


Better is if after a Boss fight, Stalker(or new kind of boss you say) has a 50% to spawn towards you and your teammates during that assassination mission. With an almost invincible stats, all you can do is RUN like Hell!!


But the "Dead Mark" still available for him to spawn in other mission.


This give people the thrill when doing assassination mission, cause most people like OHKO them weak bosses. Thou pretty sure many will dislike this suggestion.

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Yep that's why i said you start with a mission objective to reach point A to gather Information, triggering the alarm starts the chase event. Although the boss one sounds nice aswell as you mentioned, but some bosses can be a challenge for less geared players. so perhaps add it as part of OD vault runs. picking up the artefacts starts the chase mechanic or perhaps a new mission all together where you are required to get something and take it to extraction and picking it up starts the chase event. :P


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