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Why Not Make Every Void Mission Endless?


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Biggest problem with void dilution is that in most missions, you get one chance per key, and now that that chance is so low, you'll spend longer grinding to get the key you need than you will running the void.


Everyone loves survival because it has stacking rewards. People love Defense slightly less because it has endless chances, but the rewards don't stack yet.


Why not just make every mission type endless.


Exterminate would be easy to make endless; it'd have to scale faster than survival, I think, but why not? Reward every x enemies killed, maybe with x increasing after each reward.

Capture would seem a little odd, but it would make sense that the void would have a lot of high-value individuals. Reward every second capture.

Mobile Defense would be easy as well, though they'd have to make the timing more consistent. Reward every 2 or 3 defenses.

Sabotage would be easy as well, though they'd have to actually add sabotage first, and they'd probably need an objective that can't be completed in 3 seconds. Reward for every objective sabotaged.

Spy, implemented, and reward every 4 datamasses collected, delivered upon extraction.


Rescue doesn't really work well with the void setting, I think, and Deception just needs a lot of work overall.



Make everything endless, and then dilution is a much smaller problem (though still a significant problem), and because players will get ~4-8 rewards per key, even if half of said items are junk like resources and cores, that's still 4 prime parts instead of 1 per key. No more spending hours in defense or interception missions trying to get a key that gives you five minutes of gameplay and one piece of junk.

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the only major problem i see is that you would either constantly generate new tiles or you would end up redoing other tiles. theres also that the system mission types would have to not get this so progression isnt so crazy.

Well, if they did a little bit of work, they could force the map generation to re-path to a new objective through some old rooms and some new rooms, and close, lock, and unload old rooms that are not on the path to the new objective (though it should probably keep track of the dimensions of the rooms it's deleted so that it doesn't overlap where they were with new rooms). So you run to the first objective, complete it, then backtrack a couple rooms and take a different path, because the system has locked off where you entered and unloaded those tiles, and once you've completed the second objective, it does the same, generating new tiles and blocking off and unloading tiles that are no longer on the path to the objective.


And I specified void missions precisely because I knew it would mess up normal progression. This idea is solely for the void (and maybe Orokin derelicts).

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