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[Crash] - Warframe & Firefox


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If firefox is running and you join a game in warframe -> warframe will crashes.


If warframe is running and you launch firefox -> firefox crashes.


I have enough RAM and VRAM, and several people have the same issue.


Maybe warframe do something bad with some RAM sectors ?

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I do not have this issue, and I have both going at least 90% of the time. I would say it is more than likely an issue with your hardware or some other software you might have running ....

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I have tried to recreate the situation, what other software are you running? Also, hardware specs would be nice to see, since it may be that ....

I don't run any other software


Here is a piece of my ee log for specs  :


0.025 Sys [Diag]: Processor: Intel Quad Core i7-2630QM 2000MHz HT/MMX/SSE/SSE2/SSE3/SSSE3/SSE41/SSE42 F/M/S/EF/EM: 6/A/7/0/2

0.025 Sys [Diag]: Physical Memory: 2,614MB of 4,046MB Free

0.025 Sys [Diag]: Virtual Memory: 8,388,481MB of 8,388,607MB Free

0.025 Sys [Diag]: Page size: 4KB (Granularity: 64KB)

0.025 Sys [Diag]: Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 [64-bit]


And when this happen, warframe only create a dxdiag in the local folder, no crash log

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