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More Accurate, Slightly Detailed Enemy Descriptions


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I think this has been requested a few times, but with the new enemies coming, such information may be needed for quick information on the fields.


Most importantly, their description needs to be accurate to the terminology of the game. I don't think DE should simply use whatever words they find nice-sounding in the context, especially if the term is already used for a very specific one in the game (such as gas and toxin). I'm going to point out some examples here with the infested.



Their description doesn't match their abilities. It says "weak claw attacks," but I think most people know by now that they are arguably the strongest melee unit in the whole game. A single swipe of a Breeding Grounds Charger can sometimes take out your entire shield pool, and if not, its second swipe quickly following it probably will. It's outdated, and it's redundant with the new blue "Runner's" description (as well as Zanuka's).


No matter their level range, if facing a Tenno of the same level range, their claw attacks may still be quite powerful.


Description suggestion: Fast with deadly claw attacks.




Their only description is that they carry crawlers into battle, but that's not even their most dangerous abilities. Their description should include that it can emit Toxin gas (need to specify that the element is Toxin, so that players will know it can bypass shields and cause Toxin procs). If it's too long, I believe the 2nd element is much more important than the first.


Description suggestion: Carries Crawlers into battle & emits clouds of toxin when dashing



Infested Hive


- Gas

Though it's true they produce gas, they aren't producing the elemental of the same name. In fact, the gas they inflict is actually Viral damage, highly capable of proc'ing players to halve their HP. There's a large difference between these "noxious gas" compared to a Toxic Ancient and their Toxin aura Eximus, and this difference needs to be known more explicitly, at least unlocked when scanned once.


Name change suggestion: Viral Infested Hive or something suggesting that it causes Viral damage.

Description suggestion: Emits viral clouds capable of weakening enemy's life


- Lancing

This is much more minor, but it's worth to note that the lasers are actually Electricity damage, capable of causing chain lightning proc. It's also worth noting that, despite its description of saying "deadly," they are the least dangerous Hive of all, and arguably the least deadly laser in the whole game I think.


Description suggestion: Emits (deadly) electrical laser beams


- Pulsing

I think it's worth noting that, while players using Magnetic elemental is mostly to destroy shields, receiving magnetic damage on us also includes draining our whole energy pool instantly. Therefore, this little but important information should be included, and these hive could certainly use that too.


Description suggestion: Emits magnetized clouds capable of draining shields and energy





DE did well with some descriptions, such as the Frozen Infested Hive one, which says "Generates a coldness that reduces shields." I think they should stay consistent with that. Lastly, old description could really use an update as well. The Codex may give their weakness and drops, but it doesn't explain some of their behavior and attacks accurately enough.

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