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[Stalker's Kubrow] Tiberius, The Stalking Feline


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Something looking akin to this: (artist goes by Tsampikos)



Always ill tempered and vicious, this strange lifeform follows the stalker wherever he goes in some strange bond. 

You should be able to get the imprint of this guy from scanning him enough times, while he helps out the stalker in his tasks of vengeance. 

I mean, after all, many people want a feline Kubrow.  Why not make them work for it?  Why not make it a reward for something, or at least make it rare?

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Science.  Science barely matters in Sci Fi. 

Warframe is Sci Fi. 

Tiberious is Kubrow-like enough to be considered one.


Sci Fi is Science Fiction for short, so how can it not matter?


Anyway, I don't know about it being "Kubrow-like", but it's just another 4 legged creature or in this, it looks cybernetic/robotic.

If anything it's more Zanuka/Harvester-like, with a combination of some unknown feline creature, with the way it looks.

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I like it! Its sad to say it but unless they add more allies or even introduce Stalker's anti-tenno clan members (Colosus, Striker, Chrona, Nemesis maybe?) he will likely be a push over like the Infested where before the update (Hope Phorid gets an update too).

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