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Conclave Stories


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Before i start


If you dont conclave and youve clicked this then youre only looking for trouble


If you really hate it then dont click here and dont comment. Just like the conclaves its entirely optional


If you feel the need to comment still i have a nice alternative that involves lephantis and peanut butter



Whats the most fun youve had in the conclave?


Mine was against these two valkyr who were going nuts trying to find the bright pink nova in the Europa map


I was running all around trying to get sneak shots on them for a good 10-15 minutes before i gathered enough energy for a 4 kill


It was the best game of cat and mouse ive ever had

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I loved trolling soma rhinos with my immortal build mag prime and crit-build braton prime, then explaining my build to them.

Had some fun games with folk who just loved to perma-stun with their fragors. We stunned each other over and over while chasing each other around the map and laughing. Amazing how much friendly fun you can have in a PvP setting.

The bad memories: me being the only non-ash frame ;-;

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oberon ult spamming, covers up top and bottom so they cant escape my wrath while im spamming during airborne

Reminds me of that broken ember build i made....


Id die for sure against anything


But if that ember grabbed energy just one time it was over for the enemy....

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