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Game Crashes After Being Logged In For About 3 Seconds


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This has been happening since the event was released. Even once the game has registered that I've accepted the reward, it brings up the fact that I need to change to my NaT settings.

If I press accept, mash the escape button to close that window, or just sit and suck my thumb, the game crashes after a few seconds. Literally cannot play at all, which is unfortunate, since this decided to happen during an event period...

Tried having everything else closed, nothing seems to work.


Running Warframe on a netbook, AMD E-350 processor (1.6 ghz), 8 GB ram, Windows 7 64 bit, AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics card. Have Ad-Aware antivirus on this computer, tried it with it running, off, completely closed, even its "gaming mode", so no idea if that's messing with the game.

I'd enjoy participating in this event to help out my clan and get the cool new mods/vandal prova, but I literally cannot do anything, and I have no idea how to fix this.

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If you're experiencing crashes you should probably submit a support ticket. Make sure to include a copy of your EE.log in the ticket (make sure you grab it right after your crash, as the EE.log will be recording everything leading up to the crash itself, as well as error codes). 


Alternatively, you can submit the WAR-###### that the crash reporter gives you.

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